What is wrong with the country?

I really do worry that Britain as a nation gets worse and worse every day.  Since ‘terror’ became the biggest fear again everyone has just been getting more and more paranoid.  The public pressure is forcing the government to act and put plenty of protection in place.  But as is the way with the government, are they now just doing things to make it ‘look like’ they are trying to help??

The reason I am asking myself this question is after having read a BBC news article on photography.  I suggest giving it a quick read, or the beginning anway (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/7351252.stm) but to sum up quickly it’s about a guy who was taking photos of Letitia Dean turning on some Christmas lights when he was escorted out of the crowd by police, made to delete all the photos and then stop taking them!  The comments made by readers are perhaps the bit that raised questions in my mind the most though.  The majority of people said that it was really bad, they knew it had happened in other cases too and that people should be allowed to take photos of public places as they choose.  My question is, would they still be saying that if  someone attacked a public place after having taken lots of pics on their shiney digital SLR.

Of course, I am not supporting or condoning the actions in the article.  Rather it just made me think that people are never happy; their opinions will changed based on the current media environment, and the press will be swaying their opinions without them even realising it!  It really is impossible to do the right thing…

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