What to do? What to do?

Despite the fact we have moved in to February – and by simple calendar logic should have got rid of the January Blues – I’m still finding everything very draining at the moment. I’m not adverse to multi-tasking by any means, in fact it is how I tend to get through life. However, when I am multi-tasking at work to then have to multi-task work itself with rowing / training, looking after the house and seeing friends and family, it all gets quite draining.

I think that perhaps I ate something funny at the weekend because I haven’t been great for most of this week. It’s hard to tell, when I am to-ing an fro-ing all the time, whether I am ill, or generally fatigued, or just tired. I refuse to think I am ill, but there is no scope for taking it easy at work and I can’t really not train much for rowing either. It’s a bit of a conundrum whichever way I look at it. I’m just not sure it’s possible to do well at all these things without paying the price somewhere. Sadly that seems to be my physical / mental well-being and I don’t think that is something I am happy about! Plus, that ends having a knock on impact on everything else anyway

What to do about it? Oh, I don’t know, I wish I knew. I try and leave early from work to ensure I can my training done. But when something comes up at work, which it does more and more, then I can’t leave early. So, I train later, so we eat later (which impacts Sam too) and then I have less evening. Do I want to train enough to sacrifice 2 or 3 nights of the week (bearing in mind I am out on Mondays anyway)? Am I happy to sacrifice my evening and often, as a result, Sam’s evening? Do I just need to plan my training plans better? Oh so many thoughts – enough for now.

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