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As a long term nature and plant lover, I have always done my best to care for the environment. It has always upset me to create waste and to do things which could cause permanent damage to the world. But at the same time, it’s easy to get caught up in life and inadvertently choose convenience over sustainability. Or, even with sustainability in mind, modern life doesn’t easily present the options to live a better way. (Looked round the supermarket lately – it’s death-by-plastic even in areas like fruit & veg where it doesn’t need to be!).

Loose-leaf tea rather than tea bags (although completely plastic-free is tough to find!)

It was the birth of Little Z that kick started me to act. Yet again, I saw the volume of nappies heading to landfill and I was determined to make a change this time. I did my research and I moved Little Z to reusable wipes and then to cloth nappies (which I will write about more at another time). At the time I changed, I started following a few new social media accounts and slowly this has exposed me to a whole new circle of people trying to championing a more sustainable way of living.

The two-daily nappy wash just hanging out to dry!

This anti-plastic drive has made me realise that sustainable living is more; it’s using more natural and chemical-free products. It’s using what we need and not consuming or buying something ‘just because’ or as a pastime. Since having Little H, I started to see various areas of life where we’d chosen convenience with a hidden cost (antibacterial wipes being the best example!) and it seemed like a completely realistic goal to move away from these. 

Toilet roll from a more fully recycled material in plastic-free packaging.

I have spent the last few months researching so many more different ways to change ours lives. I’ll be honest, at times I have found it quite overwhelming because there is so much we could change. So I’m trying to take small steps and make sure each change beds in. Because if it’s overwhelming for me then it will be even more so for Sam and the kids.

So, where am I going with this post? Good question. I guess this is just to document the start of our transition from disposable and chemical living to a more natural and earth-friendly life. I’m trying to tackle areas as we start to run out of things or as the time feels right. And I’m going to try and keep a record of how we get on here on the new ‘Sustainable Life’ category of my blog.

Let’s do this!

Coconut scrubber which can be used on non-stick, can be completely composted or recycled and replaces plastic-based scrubbing sponges.

Changes made so far:

  • Facial soap bar to replace facial wash
  • Loose-leaf tea instead of tea bags (only PG Tips has completely plastic-free packaging for standard black tea though so I’ve had to bid farewell to my beloved Twinings Everyday blend.)
  • The big one – Reusable nappies
  • Reusable wipes – initially for Little Z and now for Little H.
  • Plastic-free fruit and veg (unless absolutely no choice and it’s not something we can easily replace with another fruit / veg)
  • Buying fish from the counter and taking our own containers
  • Bulk buying recycled toilet roll in recycled packaging (although we still want to verify that this is still lowest impact as it’s manufactured in China.)

Immediate areas of focus:

  • Milkman delivery rather than bottled milk
  • Homemade shower spray (I have a book which I’m hoping will help here!)
  • Shampoo bar rather than bottled shampoo (I’ve not had much luck with my first attempt but have another bar on the way.)
  • Reusable replacements for kitchen roll and, for me at least, tissues.

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