Tales of Little Z – 10, 11 and 12 months

Oh my Little Z, how are you one? One year old. One. Whole. Year. Happy birthday my love! I am in real shock that so much time has already passed. But it’s been such a wonderful year. I have thrilled at watching you grow and change. It is an absolute pleasure to watch your relationship with Little H grow stronger and stronger too. You are so mobile now, moving around wherever you want, climbing up, crouching down, standing independently. Will

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One year of two.

Shortly after Little Z was born, I read an article by a mother saying the 1st birthday of her second child was a huge milestone because, as parents, she and her husband had survived. They knew they could do it. Now I’m not sure as we hit that same 12-month marker that I’ll be letting my guard down and assuming we’ve ‘got it’. After all, complacency is the downfall of a parent in my view. But… I do agree with

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That was the year that was 2018 – a summary

Whenever I start writing my end of year summary, I always take a minute to read back over previous years. It is crazy to think that this time last year we were just building up to the arrival of our youngest family member. Fast forward 12 months and she is very much here, present and part of our family. I can obviously remember life before her but I can’t remember what it feels like. The last 12 months have been

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Thoughts on sleeping babes


Yesterday afternoon I had to rock Little Z to sleep. I haven’t had to do that for a long time but she was overtired after a trip to town took longer than I intended. I tried to put her down like normal but she flapped around and cried. After repeating that process several times in quick succession, it was pretty darn apparent that she needed a bit of support and fortunately Mummy-Rocking-Cuddles still carry a little bit of power in

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Yep, I’m fine. Thanks for asking.


I’ve drafted this post a number of times and after a couple of paragraphs I have sat back and wondered where in all the words I lost my point. So I’m going for third time lucky and heading directly to the aforementioned point – I feel like people have forgotten I’ve just had a baby far quicker because it’s my second child. I thought it was just me being a bit overly sensitive but I’ve seen comments on Instagram and

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The daily victory


Yesterday afternoon (a Monday depending on when I post this), I was out in the garden with Little H and Little Z. I glanced at the clock and noticed it was 5:10pm. In my head I silently whooped because I’d made it almost to bedtime. And then I realised I’d done that and that, in fact, everyday I am looking after both the girls together I get that same feeling! Not because I dislike looking after them both, nor because

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Mothering 2 – thoughts after 2 months


So Little Z has been part of our lives for two whole months now – almost 2.5 by the time I actually post this! As millions have said before me, I can’t believe it’s been that long yet it’s also like she’s always been here. I’ve almost forgotten what it feels like to be pregnant and I finally feel like I’m getting control of my body again. Today I was nipping upstairs and I felt fairly light on my feet

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Why I’ll always be little jealous of pregnant women


A very good friend of mine told me recently that’s she’s expecting a baby later this year. I am, of course, incredibly happy for her and her other half. However, as she told me all the details I realised something – I was a little bit jealous! To be clear up front, I’m not jealous because I actually want to be pregnant again. Not only is my body just weeks into its recovery from growing Little Z, but I have

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Feeling lucky


I was sat in bed the other night feeding Little Z before I put her down for her sleep. As I was reading my book, I suddenly felt incredibly lucky. Not I’ve-just-won-£30k-on-a-radio-quiz-show lucky but a more humble Be-Grateful-For-What-You’ve-Got lucky. The reason is because of the book I was reading. I recently purchased ‘Parenting the Sh*t out of Life‘ by Mother and Papa Pukka. In one of the early chapters they both talk about their experiences with miscarriage and I found

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Tales of Little Z – 1, 2 & 3 months


Wow, Little Z, when I decided to start your development log with an update covering the first 3 months in one entry, I was sure it would be ages until I actually had to sit and write it. Yet here we are – you are three months old. Three. Months. Where on earth did that time go? And yet I cannot imagine not seeing your smiling little face everyday now. Whilst I was never one to say our family was

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