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February 4, 2018 at 5:32 pm by Angela

Happy third birthday Little H!

As clichéd as it sounds, I really am not sure where the last 3 years have gone. I vividly remember you being such a small tiny baby that I was both in awe and fear of! You’ve changed so much in the last three years and yet in that time I feel like I know you inside out. I can’t imagine a world without you now. Not saying you don’t test my patience. This month you’ve grown ever more independent and self-sufficient. In some ways it’s a joy to watch and in others it makes me feel sad that you’re growing up so quick. I’ve been a bit better at capturing some of your highlights this month but baby is making me tired so some are lost in the depth of my mind. But hopefully some nice memories here for you and, as always, some fab photos!


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April 29, 2017 at 7:25 am by Angela

Ah my lovely we’ve had such a good month together. The weather has been nicer so we’ve been outside exploring. You enjoy walking everywhere now and you can get around all the steps in the garden unaided. You genuinely do not stop talking my love! Let’s check out your busy April…

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March 1, 2017 at 6:15 am by Angela

Happy February Little H,

Every month my Timehop pings up photos and tweets from the same day in previous years. This month I have now started seeing pictures of you from both last year and the year before. It seems so strange that we’re doing the third time round the calendar together now! Whilst it scares me that you are getting old so fast, I also love that you are so incredibly established in our life now!

You’ve tested us a lot this month. You’ve had a lot going on: change at nursery and growing and developing so much. It’s not surprising that you have acted out a bit. I’ve found it a massive shock though at times. There were points where it felt like I wasn’t able to understand you anymore. But in reality you needed daddy and me even more. Life seems to have calmed a little for you now and the milder weather has meant you can get outside more; you find the fresh air calming.

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January 28, 2017 at 7:00 am by Angela

My darling little H,

Happy Birthday my lovely! You’re 2 years old. How can you be 2 years old already? I so vividly remember you arriving. Of being with you that first night in hospital and wondering what on earth I had to do. But now it’s so normal you being here. It’s so normal looking after you. I can of course remember life before you were here…but I can’t remember how it felt full. You’ve tested me with your behaviour this month; you want to be independent; you want to do as you please. It’s been tough at times but I absolutely love my days with you right now.

I wonder what you’ll be like another year on! It’ll be such a delight to find out. But hopefully not too quickly! Before that, here is all you accomplished in your last month as a 1 year old!

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July 5, 2016 at 7:05 am by Angela

BIrthdayLast month it was my birthday. Whilst I was still awake early, Sam got up and went downstairs with H so I could have a lie-in; For breakfast we had some delicious pancakes and H decided to play ball and not throw any of it anywhere; We went out for a nice morning stroll in the sunshine; Then over H’s nap time I had a quiet read and opened a few presents (so they didn’t get pinched by little hands); When H woke-up we had a late long lunch in town where H enjoyed the people watching and ate all her food; A lazy afternoon followed where Sam and I watched a film as H played quietly; Bedtime went smoothly and then we had a delicious dinner before an early bedtime. The ideal birthday! The birthday that is absolutely nothing like what actually happened.

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April 21, 2013 at 1:13 pm by Angela

Sam has just had his birthday, joining me in the 4th decade of life. We were coming back from our holiday in North Wales on his birthday (more to follow on that front) so I decided to organise him a little shindig yesterday with some friends and family. All of this was hush-hush though, I should add. Plans were going well and a good crowd had said they were coming. Sam was none-the-wiser. Unfortunately, with only 24 hours to go, it didn’t stay that way…

One of Sam’s friends couldn’t come and she obviously didn’t pick-up on the word ‘surprise’ in my email, because she apologised for not coming to his party in his birthday card. Drat! Fortunately, he still didn’t have a clue when or where, so an element of mystery remained. As Saturday progressed he started to work it out (he had to go out with his parents for 2 hours whilst his sister and I did a frantic food shop and decorate) but alls-well-that-ends-well: he had a good time and still looked sufficiently shocked!

One of the coolest bits of the day was that ‘GardenCam‘ (Sam calls it ‘SamCam’ but I think ‘GardenCam’ is more accurate!) was capturing the whole event. So, the time lapse video for yesterday was far busier than normal! Sam has pulled out all of the stills (inter-mingled with some actual photos from the event) and put them on Revado. He has also uploaded the time lapse to You Tube so it is forever immortalised in time! Enjoy.

June 21, 2012 at 8:38 pm by Angela

It’s basically the same as being 29.

February 12, 2011 at 11:17 pm by Angela

I am shattered today, no word if a lie. It has literally been non-stop. I arose at 6:40 to venture forth to rowing and then did two back-to-back outings in the 8, hitting a grand total of 22k! After a few chats / bits if admin, I got away shortly after 11:30 to start my part in the ‘Lou’s surprise birthday party’ plan.

I high-tailed it home, showered and changed and then headed to Ware to collect Lou. Once at ours, she was treated to a mezze lunch (including humus and pitta) followed by a cream tea (on a proper two tier cake stand with clotted cream). We also played some fun ‘Sing Star’ dance games and she whooped my arse on the Gladiator Combat feature on our Sports game. Then came the tricky part – getting her back to her house for about 4:30 without her realising everyone was there for a surprise! But we somehow managed it by a fictitious story involving a trip to Stevenage and then Sam needing to nip to the loo. She was genuinely surprised – she screamed! Hehe!

So we have passed an evening of chatting an continual nibbling and some games. Rosie also brough Chinese lanterns. I have never used them before but we lit them and they suddenly floated off over Ware. They were a good mile away by the time they went out!

So, tired now so I’m going to sleep! Nighty-night.

June 14, 2010 at 11:55 am by Angela

So, another year old.  Well, another year older since this time after my last birthday – it’s not as though I have suddenly aged one year in the space of a day…  Had a good birthday weekend – nice food and presents and a trip to The Butterfly World Project near St Albans.  On a bad note though, I felt rough for most of the weekend.  I was so tired last week that I woke up on Saturday for rowing with a splitting headache and no energy.  I felt a little better after a paddle on the Lea followed by a cuppa.  But, my energy was lapsing the entire weekend.  Today I am feeling much better but still not quite right.  It’s very odd.

The weather is pretty uninspiring again.  Although when I last checked, tomorrow was supposed to be sunny, so fingers crossed.  Today there is supposed by showery rain and it is looking very overcast.  I might nip to Sainsbury’s now before the rain kicks in!

June 12, 2007 at 8:04 pm by Angela

Today is my 25th birthday – I’m now (as of 7.57pm) officially a quarter of a century old – eeeshk!

It’s been quite a good day. Normally I try and keep my birthday quiet. However, thanks to facebook people found out. My team were very kind and bought me some flowers, although took great pleasure in watching me have to collect them from reception and carry them back to my desk past the whole floor!

Sam and I had a necessary chore to do today though, which was finalising our mortgage. I’m not lying but it took forever! We were in the branch for over 2 hours, 1 of which was after the branch closed! Fortunately I think it is all about done now, well the stuff where we need to go to the branch anyway.

Back at home I got to open my presents – yay! Sam got me a new watch which was my best present. He also got me ‘Hot Fuss’ which is so funny. We shall be watching that this week me thinks! I also got some lovely bits from my family and Sam’s family. We’ve just had a piece of my nice chocolate birthday cake (which Sam bought from our favourite supermarket) and we’re watching some T.V. and chilling. Phew, I’m glad of the rest.

Oh and here is a pic of our lovely plant box, isn’t it nice:


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