The way we eat

Sam and I were watching Mary Portas’ round-up of 2018 shopping habits the other night (What Britain Bought in 2018). One fact that she mentioned was that the average person spent £1000 a year on takeaways – about £83 per month. Some of the interviewees said they bought 2 – 3 every week. We were genuinely surprised that people buy-in food so often. Then the following morning the BBC had a headline article entitled “Children ‘exceed recommended sugar limit by

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Rocking Motherhood


Just before Christmas, the awesome Josefine from My Danglish Family tagged me to take part in White Camelia’s ‘Rocking Motherhood Tag’. Not only was I excited to be tagged but I was also excited to do something which made me think about all the great stuff I do. As Josefine mentions in her post (which is fantastic so do go and read it once you’ve read mine!), it’s really easy for mums to focus on the things they feel they

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What Mini H did – 18 months


So many bloggers I follow do monthly updates on what their kids are doing. When I read them, I always reflect back to what H was doing at that same age. It has made me regret not capturing her achievements here; Since my blog is first and foremost a place for me to record life, it would be nice to have something to re-read in the years to come. Embracing the motto “Better late than never.” I’ve decided to start

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Our favourite toddler snacks


H is one hungry little lass. She’s an active toddler with a very healthy appetite; She goes barely an hour without eating most days. She eats a lot more than most of her friends and at times I have worried I could be over-feeding her. But after trying to hold-off on giving her snacks when she asks for them, it’s clear she just needs to energy! This means I must have a good mix of snacks readily available. Of course

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The Parenting Guessing Game!

I’m pretty darn sure that upon reaching their Toddlerhood milestone, each toddler is secretly issued with ‘The Ultimate Toddler Guide: How to Give Your Parents the Best Toddler Experience’. I imagine it covers the variety of ways to approach eating, how to determine whether you like a particular food on a given day (or hour) and when to nap or not based on your parents plan for the day. It guarantees that every parent of a toddler gets the same

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How do you drop to one nap?

H is almost fourteen months old and is still on two naps a day. From everything I’ve read, and from what her baby peers are doing, it’s common for babies/toddlers to stick with two naps until anywhere between 12 – 18 months approximately. At the start of this year she actually started sleeping longer for her naps too – the effort of walking more and more taking it’s toll on her energy stores. But over the last few weeks, we’ve

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Pass the bacon…

Despite being unwell still during the early part of this week, I have still had a couple of hard training sessions, yesterday being the monthly 5k ergo test. As usual, after yesterday (and also Monday’s exhausting but brilliant outing) I left the club to go an devour half a supermarkets worth of food, a common rowing trend which was wonderfully explained in a recent blog post from Girl on the River. Everything she said rings completely true except I don’t

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