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May 27, 2017 at 7:37 am by Angela

I have kept a Gratitude Journal since the start of 2016. Over that year it made a MASSIVE difference to my mental attitude; I now more naturally see the positive in things. My blog is a place to share thoughts and opinions. But more than that, it’s a place I record life so I can look back in the future and remember how things were. Whilst I will always have my private journals, I also decided to take a leaf out the books of other bloggers and create a monthly gratitude feature. Here’s what I am grateful for this month:

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April 22, 2017 at 7:12 am by Angela

I have kept a Gratitude Journal since the start of 2016. Over that year it made a MASSIVE difference to my mental attitude; I now more naturally see the positive in things. My blog is a place to share thoughts and opinions. But more than that, it’s a place I record life so I can look back in the future and remember how things were. Whilst I will always have my private journals, I also decided to take a leaf out the books of other bloggers and create a monthly gratitude feature. Here’s what I am grateful for this month:

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January 25, 2017 at 6:30 am by Angela

My-oh-my, I’ve watched some terrible TV programmes over the years. But, as with anything, it takes practice to become an expert at something. Learning select top telly viewage is no different. Haha! Of course, everything is subjective so if you ask Sam his opinion on some of these, I’m sure he’ll scoff. Time is in short supply now I’m the mum of a small though, so if I’m going to find the time to plonk my bottom on the sofa and indulge in some visual entertainment then I’m damn well going to watch what I like, cheesy or not!


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May 5, 2016 at 8:30 am by Angela

As a long time commuter, I know it’s easy to dwell on the negatives of commuting: the cost, the time, the delays, the horror of being rammed next to a stranger closer than you get to most relatives… I will openly admit that the one thing I really wish I could change about my job is my commute. But…it’s not all bad. Since returning from Maternity Leave I’ve reached a new level of commute-appreciation. So next time you feel anger at having to spend in excess of an hour / day on a train for half your salary, bear these things in mind:

  1. DSC_0023_2Uninterrupted reading time: How often in life do you find yourself with a clear half an hour to read with no-one crying, nagging, grovelling for a biscuit or knowing deep-down that you should be dealing with the washing-up/ironing/dusting/folding/insert another chore from the never-ending list here. Even now I only commute three days a week, I can get an amazing chunk of my book read in my half hour train ride!;
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February 5, 2016 at 8:18 pm by Angela

I’ve started writing this post numerous times, trying to come-up with some vaguely witty introduction. But this morning I decided to just get to the point. Being back at work is actually quite good fun. But working part time and juggling child care is hard – harder than I thought it would be. I’ve been back for 3 weeks now (which now I am part time is a grand total of 9 days!) and it’s been a mix of highs and lows through that relatively short space of time.


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November 19, 2015 at 8:32 pm by Angela

I was reading a blog post by a blogger called Kate Gregory the other day. She was musing over 8 things she would like to go back and tell herself as a new Mum. It chimed with me not only because I would want to tell my February-self similar things, but also because as my Maternity Leave starts to reach it’s end, I am reflecting on what I have done with my time and what I wish I’d done more / less of. So with that in mind, here are my top 9 things everyone should do with Maternity Leave. Continue reading…

September 29, 2015 at 8:40 am by Angela

Two weeks ago most of our possessions were in boxes and the rest were haphazardly strewn around after being loaded in to a big truck (I didn’t think we had enough to fill it, but apparently we did!) having moved from our house of 8 years to our new family home. We are now pretty well settled in and it’s already feeling like home, but it’s been a hectic and tiring fortnight. Moving is difficult at the best of times, but with an almost-eight-month-old it was even more so. Fortunately she isn’t mobile yet so it could have been a lot harder, but she also won’t just lay passively in a buggy anymore and needs reasonably structured meal and nap times.

The pot plants just managed to squeeze on at the back.

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May 28, 2015 at 8:32 pm by Angela

I have mentioned in an earlier blog post (I really am busy, honestly I am) that although it might seem I just go out and about on strolls and for afternoon cake in town, looking after H is in fact a lot of work. As H matures and her life takes on more necessary structure, life isn’t just busy, it is really quite regimented.

In her earlier days, H would sleep almost anywhere if she were tired. Similarly if I offered her a feed, within reason, she would also always eat. However, as she’s grown she’s become more curious and inquisitive so won’t nap if there is something else to be doing. She also will only feed now when she wants to feed and that is often not on a predictable schedule. Attempting to feed her too soon could result in her just laying there staring at me, or worse screeching her head off. But not feeding her when she decides she’s ready results in an equally vocal response!

A few weeks ago Sam and I suffered when we forgot to respect the well known fact “an overtired baby won’t sleep”. What we had done was not adapt to H’s needs and keep to her schedule regardless of what it meant for us. I read an article online recently (I forget what though) about the infamous ‘four month sleep regression’. This article stated that babies do not suddenly regress their sleep. Rather they are developing such a lot at four months that their sleep requirements change and the apparent regression comes from parents failing to adapt to their child’s changed needs. This made complete sense to me after the overtired incident and is something I am now actively watching out for, not just with sleep but all aspects of her life and development. Now I have embraced the fact that at this stage life must be tied to her routine. So my day is structured around when she next needs to nap, next needs to sleep and when I can fit in all of the various activities that need to take place. Of course needs must and we do have to deviate at times, but it’s done consciously and with attempts to manage the impact.

What this does mean is that we cannot always do everything we want when we want. A recent example is Buggycise, a class I really enjoyed but have abandoned for now. It clashes with H’s morning nap and since she doesn’t reliably sleep in her buggy and it’s the nap that sets her up for the day, I now just exercise at home. Sure I’m disappointed about it and I don’t get to do such an intense session at home. But it’s not going to be this way forever and it’s ultimately in my benefit to keep her well rested.

It also means that visitors, as much as they want to see and cuddle H, have to respect her routine. She takes her naps when she takes her naps and if that means people hardly see her then that’s how it is. Adults can tolerate some fatigue but babies certainly cannot!

So if you have dealings with the parent of a young child, be kind if they don’t appear flexible. If you are visiting a friend or relative with a young baby, be mindful of their schedule; Don’t look dismayed if you can’t get the cuddles you want and don’t hype up the little one just before a nap. As repetitive and as regimented as the routine may appear, it’s the best thing for the baby and also helps to keep the parents sane!

May 11, 2015 at 6:08 pm by Angela

H is now three months old. I cannot believe it’s been that long already. Life has changed so much in that time but yet H being here also feels completely normal, as if she always has been. But getting to this point has been hard work and there are a number of things which being without would have made getting this far so much harder*!

  1. Tea: During pregnancy I completely went off tea. I was really hoping that I would want it again once the baby arrived. I didn’t drink any tea in hospital because it was yukky machine tea, but the first day we got home I had a cup and I haven’t looked back. My morning cuppa particularly really keeps me going;
  2. The washing machine: H goes through clothes at an astounding rate and to avoid buying a tonne of clothes for only a few months we have a wash load on every couple of days. Plus, sometimes there are ‘accidents’ which you just want to wash away ASAP!;
  3. A Tumble Dryer: We didn’t have a tumble dryer before I gave birth. Within a week of bringing H home, we had one. Now it’s sunny it’s easy enough to get clothes dry outside but in the early winter months we’d have had washing sat around for ages without one;
  4. My mobile phone: I use it for recording feeds, reading whilst feeding, keeping in touch with friends and taking LOTS of photos of H. I’d have been lost without it;
  5. My friends: They have let me moan and grumble throughout the whole experience. My best friend is about to have a baby herself so I am very much hoping I can return the favour!;
  6. My NCT group: They all gave birth before me so they’d either been through things before me or were going through them at the same time. They were a wonderful sounding board for issues and it was great to know I wasn’t alone. People often say you’re just ‘buying friends’ by going to NCT classes and that’s true to a degree, but they were worth every penny;
  7. My trainers: After about 4 weeks, I was out walking everyday and that still holds true. Pounding the pavements keeps me sane, keeps me active, gets both H and I some fresh air and if she’s in a tired / stressed / testing mood, will normally calm her down and often send her to sleep;
  8. Last but my no means least, Sam: In those early days especially when I was still recovering from birth, I came down with a bug and I was struggling with breast feeding, Sam was a rock. It was hard for him too but he kept our house running and kept me eating through the torturous night feeds. He deserves a medal for dealing with me in the state I was in sometimes!

Of course I’m not expecting the next three months will be any less challenging so I suspect these things will continue to be as valuable as before!

*First world problems I will admit!

Subsequent to this blog post being published, I realised I’d forgotten one crucial ninth ‘thing’ and called it out in a later post which can be found here!

January 28, 2015 at 4:45 pm by Angela

I’m sure people who know me will laugh when I say that I am generally quite a patient person. But in all seriousness when I have a plan / a schedule / an approach then I will happily wait until the appropriate time comes. However, when I don’t know what’s going on then I get a bit on-edge and my patience does dwindle a bit. I find myself in that position right now because Mini Watling could arrive at any time…but I have no idea when.

I have been trying to keep busy: having friends over, cooking meals for the freezer, baking tasty things for Sam and I to eat now, re-watching my ‘Friends‘ box set (including sending ‘Friends’ trivia questions to Carol over WhatsApp!). I’ve also managed to finish and deploy the code changes which I started last March! As someone who definitely doesn’t cope well with not being busy (as much as I complain when I am!), I think I’m managing it quite well. I’m sure in a few weeks I’ll look back at this amount of free time with longing. There is never a happy medium with these things!

Hello, I'm Angela. I'm Mum to two small people (3 & 0). I'm a Techie, Gardener, cake lover and tea addict. I also have far too many opinions...hence the blog. You can read more about me here. You can also follow me on Twitter so you never miss a post. Hope you enjoy reading!

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