Blog Post 26-04-2011

Yesterday was, despite my fears, beyond productive!  I was most happy.  I was also most achey when I went to bed.  It will make for a very dull blog post, but here is a summary of my accomplishments 🙂 Repotting my courgette and pepper seedlings; Buying a trough for my lettuce and sewing the seeds; Going food shopping; Tidying the upstairs completely (all rooms) and washing all windows inside and out!; Treating the back fence near the veg patch; Setting-up

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Blog Post 08-03-2011

There are some occasions where you feel completely unsupported by someone who should be supporting you. I would like to make it clear up front that I am not referring to Sam here! Rather people in a work context or similar. It’s very hard to address those situations. You can talk to people but often then does not help. I guess at work you can sometimes escalate it upwards. However, my current predicament is not a work one and I

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Blog Post 07-03-2011

There are some days where you just want to scream in frustration and throw things.  Today is, without a doubt, one of those days.  I can’t and won’t go in to detail, to a point the detail is irrelevant.  It’s just that I wanted to share the general feeling to help expell it, in the vain hope that I can have a calm afternoon.  Here’s to hoping…

Blog Post 01-02-2011

Sometimes there are some things which just really get to you. I have one of those incidents this week and it’s only Tuesday! I won’t go in to the details but it’s astonishing how emotionally draining they are. I was very frustrated last night, even after a lovely outing in the 4-. Then, as soon as I got up, the anger returned and it just set off my day really badly. I have had some resolution now, so I shan’t

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Blog Post 05-11-2010

I have had today off work as time in lieu!  It’s been great having some free time.  It sometimes makes me wish we could do flexi-time 🙂  I have been quite productive – did some banking, got the food shopping, been to the hair dressers.  I have also just roughly planned all outings until Sam and I are back from honeymoon – hurrah! Tonight we are going to see the fireworks at Hatfield House.  Although, it has been raining a

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Blog Post 31-10-2010

Boooooo, the weekend is almost over. On a positive note, my cold has almost gone an has not hindered the weekend too much. We had a fun evening at our friend Gigi’s. We played some insane rabbit game on the Wii and ate lots of snacks including these cool Finnish chocs that her friends who were staying had bought (mint on the outside, chocolate on the inside). Jam packed week ahead so supper and bed for me – nighty-night.

Blog Post 28-10-2010

Yesterday I felt really quite awful thanks to this rotten cold I seemed to have acquired. However, we were very diligent last night and I was tucked-up by 10:15. Sam was a little slower (reading his book) but I am getting much better as sleeping with the light on now so I didn’t really care! We were also exceptionally good last night because we didn’t go on our phones or laptops from tea-time onwards. This may sound like a silly

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Blog Post 25-10-2010

I cannot believe it is only Monday; it feels like at least Wednesday. The feeling seemed spread through re team actually – everyone was very lethargic or tired and a lot of people were plugged in to their music from quite early in to the day! Hopefully training tonight will perk me up a bit. I have a scheduled ‘chill’ evening on Wednesday where I can switch off. No computer based activities or training will be taking place. If all

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