Reasons I am grateful #5

I have kept a Gratitude Journal since the start of 2016. Over that year it made a MASSIVE difference to my mental attitude; I now more naturally see the positive in things. My blog is a place to share thoughts and opinions. But more than that, it’s a place I record life so I can look back in the future and remember how things were. Whilst I will always have my private journals, I also decided to take a leaf

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What Little H did – 2.3 years

Ah my lovely we’ve had such a good month together. The weather has been nicer so we’ve been outside exploring. You enjoy walking everywhere now and you can get around all the steps in the garden unaided. You genuinely do not stop talking my love! Let’s check out your busy April…

Birthday’s when you’re the mum of a small person

Last month it was my birthday. Whilst I was still awake early, Sam got up and went downstairs with H so I could have a lie-in; For breakfast we had some delicious pancakes and H decided to play ball and not throw any of it anywhere; We went out for a nice morning stroll in the sunshine; Then over H’s nap time I had a quiet read and opened a few presents (so they didn’t get pinched by little hands);

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How do you drop to one nap?

H is almost fourteen months old and is still on two naps a day. From everything I’ve read, and from what her baby peers are doing, it’s common for babies/toddlers to stick with two naps until anywhere between 12 – 18 months approximately. At the start of this year she actually started sleeping longer for her naps too – the effort of walking more and more taking it’s toll on her energy stores. But over the last few weeks, we’ve

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Top 5 reasons why going back to work is great

I’ve done the nerve-wracking, stomach-churning reasons why I am not looking forward to going back. Now it’s time to call out the good things, the things that will encourage me to skip out the front door in the morning. Because let’s face it, full time child care involves dealing with one of the less flexible demographics in society (Try asking an 11 month old to wait 2 minutes for the bowl of fruit they’ve just seen you get out the

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Blog Post 22-05-2011

It is SO windy today!  It must have picked-up in the night.  The poor plants on the decking seem to have taken a battering, although most don’t look too worse-for-wear.  However, annoyingly the bird table got blown over; not in itself an issue, it rained in the night so the corner on the ground got sodden and now the wood has all broken off.  Boo 🙁  Oh well!  It’s upright now and sheltered behind a bush so hopefully the bursts

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Blog Post 12-04-2011

Oh it’s only Tuesday and I am SO tired.  I had a terrible night last night for various reasons so will confess to struggling this morning.  Although, sometimes in these states work can be a good thing if you get engrossed because it distracts you from the tiredness. Having lunch with two of my old team mates / friends today though so this is keeping me cheery!

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