Our trip to Woburn Forest Center Parcs

Last weekend we went on a long weekend break with the in-laws to the Woburn Forest Center Parcs near Bedford. Living in Hertfordshire, it was a wonderfully convenient 40 minute journey. So we loaded up the car after H had her nap and lunch so that we arrived shortly after the 3pm lodge arrival time. (Although if you can go from 10am to use the pool and other facilities.) The Lodge Our lodge

6 ways to look after yourself when you have a baby

Whilst it might seem as though I have sufficient time since I am on maternity leave, in fact these days I struggle to get much done on some days. Looking after a small person is time-consuming on a good day; Throw in a bout of illness or a bad temper and even grabbing a drink can be tough. I doubt as a mother I am alone in sometimes finding it hard to get time for myself. There is always something

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About Me

Hello, I'm Angela. I'm Mum to two small people (4 & 1). I'm a Techie, Gardener, cake lover and tea addict. I'm trying to get our family to live a more sustainable life. I also have far too many opinions...hence the blog. You can read more about me here. You can also follow me on Twitter so you never miss a post. Hope you enjoy reading!

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