Memories I want my daughter to have

When I think of a happy summer evening, one of the memories that comes to the front of my mind is from when I was a little kid. In the memory I’m snuggled in my bed ready to go to sleep. I have my Forever Friends bed sheets on which match my Forever Friends flower curtains. I didn’t have blackout curtains when I was young (how my mum got me to sleep I have no idea!) so the evening summer

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1 – 2 years with a toddler: 11 things I couldn’t have lived without

During Little H’s first year (or Mini H as she was at that time) I wrote several posts – at 3 months, 6 months and a year – about what kept me functioning and sane as a mother. Little H is now an old-and-wise 2 year old toddler. So it felt only fitting to reflect back on our second year together as mother and daughter. It’s been quite a fascinating experience to compare year one with year two. Whilst the

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Rocking Motherhood


Just before Christmas, the awesome Josefine from My Danglish Family tagged me to take part in White Camelia’s ‘Rocking Motherhood Tag’. Not only was I excited to be tagged but I was also excited to do something which made me think about all the great stuff I do. As Josefine mentions in her post (which is fantastic so do go and read it once you’ve read mine!), it’s really easy for mums to focus on the things they feel they

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An unexpected toddler-led weaning experience

Avent Bottles

There is one thing which I can be confident about in life – my daughter will always keep surprising me. Every since she was born, H has been a milk fiend, knocking-back between 14 and 20oz a day. The first ‘sign‘ she ever did was for milk and I have got used to being greeted in the morning by an arm being thrust in the air, hand scrunching away at the end of it. So it came as a real

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Baby signing in action

Back in May, little H and I started going to Sing and Sign classes in our local town. Sam had heard about baby signing and thought it could be a good thing to try with H and a friend had been enjoying the class. Whilst as a parent I found the classes quite repetitive, H enjoyed them from the start, taking a real liking to the songs and hand signs.

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About Me

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