What Little H did – 2.7, 2.8, 2.9 & 2.10 years

My dearest Little H, It’s been so long since I wrote and update on you, how you’ve grown and changed, how you’ve made us laugh and (on a few occasions with some of your newer tantrum states) cry! So much has happened in the last 4 months that I am going to fail to capture so many of your gems. The reason for my apparent ‘lazy’ behaviour? Well it was 3 months ago we were finally able to tell you

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Why we decided to get a play pen

Towards the end of November, H was approaching 10 months old and getting more active by the day. It was becoming apparent we’d need to do ‘something’ to prevent her from getting her sticky mitts on our audio-visual equipment…and keep her safe from harm etc etc! We sat looking at our nice spacious lounge (we’d just recovered about a square metre by retiring the bouncer!) and pictured it with bars across the TV stand; Bars across the fire place; Bars

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How do you drop to one nap?

H is almost fourteen months old and is still on two naps a day. From everything I’ve read, and from what her baby peers are doing, it’s common for babies/toddlers to stick with two naps until anywhere between 12 – 18 months approximately. At the start of this year she actually started sleeping longer for her naps too – the effort of walking more and more taking it’s toll on her energy stores. But over the last few weeks, we’ve

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It’s time to tackle ‘The Guilt Complex’

I am suffering from a quite severe and long-running affliction. “What is it?” I hear you wonder. Well I shall tell you…it’s guilt. Yes, guilt. And it’s just a little feeling of unease or regret that I suffer from; It’s the kind of guilt which eats away at me and makes me question my decisions throughout every day.

Taking the time for some Slow Parenting

Over the summer I came across a blog post from parent blogger Jo Goddard (acupofjo.com) on the topic of Slow Parenting. It wasn’t something I’d heard of really but I was intrigued. Only 10 months in to ‘being a parent’ I know that I don’t subscribe to religiously following any type of parenting methodology. But I do think that help and guidance can be lifted from most things. Jo’s post certain struck a chord with me.

Growing-up again

Whilst H changes and grows a bit every day and week, it feels like she occasionally goes through bigger jumps of change*. Now feels like one of those times. For starters, since the weekend H is now in her own room. Sam has been suggesting it for a while but I wasn’t happy to move her. The guidance is to keep them with you for 6 months, but also it was always a big emotional step for me to move

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