Big Hero 6 – my review


I know ‘Big Hero 6’ came out ages ago back in 2014, but I’ve seen it a few times and love it. So I decided it deserved a review. Whenever I write a film review, it’s always published on Sam’s website, Revado. So please go and take a look at my thoughts and if you haven’t seen it then go and watch it! Also, take a look at my past reviews!

From cold to hot in, almost, the blink of an eye

The weather this year has been pretty uninspiring on the whole. The winter saw us on a repeated loop through cold > snow > rain > glimmer of hope from February through to May. In early June, things started to perk up a bit, but with temperatures still sitting in the low teens. Suddenly though, less than a fortnight ago, the sun arrived. Now, my it is scorching! So much so that we seem to be at the other end

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That was the year that was 2012 – a summary

Yes, it is that time of year again, year end. That can only mean one thing, my annual review of the year! Let’s see if I can successfully save this one though after last year’s over-writing disaster! This year the format is slightly different – hopefully makes it easier to see the break-up of events over the year.

Brussels Part Deux

We may have been back for a week, but fear not, the second (and final) installment of my Brussels blog is finally here. It also conincides nicely with the implementation of my ‘tags’ feature on my website. Using the ‘tags’ tab on the blog page you can now search for entries relating to a specific category, such as Brussels! So, on the Sunday we got up at about 9 am and after another in-room breakfast of Pain au Chocolate, we

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Tut, tut, tut

Dear oh dear, almost two weeks since my last blog entry.  I fear I am starting to slip into old habits!  In my defence however, the last two weeks have been fairly hectic and have not always left me that much time to blog.  At work I have been getting up to speed with my new project, which I move to a week tomorrow.  (I am also adjusting to the fact I will have to leave my current team in

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The outcome…

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is really good!  I really enjoyed it and you can find my thrilling review on the Revado reviews page.  I’m now looking forward to the final book which is released on Saturday.  Sam was having a look on IMDB earlier and reading up some of the theories people have – including Professor McGonagall being a trator!  I don’t want to spoil it though so I am going to wait and see what happens.  I

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Only a hour to go…

I’m so glad it’s almost the weekend.  It really has been one of those weeks this week.  Monday and Tuesday were fairly rubbish because one of my team was off sick and I had to do a lot of work I wasn’t expecting to have to deal with.  Then to top it off I somehow hurt my knee again last weekend and further aggrevated it when swimming on Monday. The week improved slightly on Wednesday when I had a really

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Edinburgh and other things

For the past few days Sam and I have been in Edinburgh for my sister’s graduation and, er, here follows the account of what happened (well bits of it anyway!): So, we’re sat on a train Edinburgh-bound to go to Jenny’s graduation tomorrow. Of course, our luck being as it is, we had to be travelling all the way to Scotland on the East Coast Mainline on the same week as torrential down pours in South Yorks! We have had

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The end of the weekend

I can’t believe it’s Sunday night -the weekend has gone so fast, and we had Friday off! Seems to be the way of things, especially when Monday holds in store something you’re not looking forward to. Yes, tomorrow is the day of my…Spanish exam – duh duh duh! It is actually, if we’re being honest, the second part of my Spanish exam because we had the oral exams last week. Tomorrow is the listening, writing and grammar exams which unfortunately

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