Four go to Norfolk

As a family we don’t go away much. Sam and I were always fairly reserved with our travel pre-parenthood and once we had Little H we couldn’t summon the energy to do it often! Last year we decided to make the effort to have a proper summer holiday and drove over to Holland. We all had a wonderful time and wanted to make sure we gave Little H and equally good holiday experience this year. But with Little Z now

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What Mini H did – 18 months


So many bloggers I follow do monthly updates on what their kids are doing. When I read them, I always reflect back to what H was doing at that same age. It has made me regret not capturing her achievements here; Since my blog is first and foremost a place for me to record life, it would be nice to have something to re-read in the years to come. Embracing the motto “Better late than never.” I’ve decided to start

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Taking the time for some Slow Parenting

Over the summer I came across a blog post from parent blogger Jo Goddard ( on the topic of Slow Parenting. It wasn’t something I’d heard of really but I was intrigued. Only 10 months in to ‘being a parent’ I know that I don’t subscribe to religiously following any type of parenting methodology. But I do think that help and guidance can be lifted from most things. Jo’s post certain struck a chord with me.

Overtired baby = Bad night for everyone

Although on the surface it defies logic that an overtired baby would sleep badly, it is in fact very true. I suppose thinking about the days where I have been truly worn out myself, I have often struggled to get to sleep. For the most part we have been good at catching such occasions where H has been overtired and got her to bed efficiently. However, the other night we were fooled in to thinking she had more energy than

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August Training: routine, food diaries and a pesky cold

I have been back training (properly) following my bike accident for about 4 weeks now, with my ‘renewed’ motivation to train plus Olympic inspiration meaning that I have been really trying to focus on getting in to a solid routine (training every day 5 – 6 days / week) to carry me through the winter. Whilst my arm is fully functional again, I am still building-up my weights, so I decided to mix a bit of swimming in to my

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