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March 6, 2018 at 10:02 am by Angela

So I’ve reached that point. That point in pregnancy where I’m ready for the baby to come. I’m big, I’m tired, I can’t move around as easily and I’m ready to meet the new addition to our family. But, exactly as last time (and for almost every other woman in the world) I’m just having to wait. I like to think I’m coping better than last time. For starters I do have some memory of what it feels like once ‘it’ starts – although I’ve definitely repressed some of it – so my anxiety about what lies ahead physically isn’t so acute. I also have my awesome little person keeping me occupied 4 days a week. But nonetheless, I still have to cope with not knowing when labour will start as I over analyse every ache and twinge!

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November 23, 2017 at 9:51 pm by Angela

A friend has just commented to me how I haven’t updated my blog in a while. Whilst, sure, I have mentioned several times that I want to step back from blogging to schedule and promoting the blog, I didn’t intend to stop. Yet frustratingly after dealing with Little H, getting my job done and then doing all the necessary ‘home tasks’ (cooking, cleaning, exercising etc) I just find myself falling asleep. Probably not a surprise as pregnancy is a damn tiring thing but it is infuriating now the post ideas are starting to bubble up into my head. I also really want to get my What Little H did post done for the last quarter too. I don’t want to lose those memories! Perhaps it’s time to start scheduling in the odd blog window after all…

But for now, just thinking about it is enough. The fact it’s almost 10pm and I’m still awake is a miracle so I might watch a spot of TV before bed time! It’s a Little H day tomorrow so I’ll need all the energy I can get.

April 29, 2016 at 8:39 pm by Angela

theweekmybrainSitting watching TV yesterday evening, I realised it had been over a week since my last blog post. I’m not one of these people who strives to blog to a schedule but I do try and write something new each week. However, over the last week, during the little free time I’ve had, my brain has struggled to function. Fueled on tea I have had a very productive working week, but that followed by Mummy Duties at home have meant that now the week is at it’s end I have used up all energy reserves.

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February 23, 2012 at 9:13 pm by Angela

I am re-decorating the hall. It is the first room in the house I decorated, purely to get some colour in the house after 5 months of living with magnolia rooms when we moved in. However, after 4 years, it is looking rather tired and the colour is a bit, well not quite gaudy, but it doesn’t match with the ‘pallet’ of the rest of the house. (I sound far more artistic that I actually am there!). However, the hallway has the biggest amount of wall space to paint, so I am using up two days of my annual leave from last year to get it done.

Day 1 has gone well – I got the ceiling done before lunch (albeit a late lunch!) and then I got about 50% of the upstairs walls done. Tomorrow I have the ‘big’ wall (stairs to ceiling) and the downstairs to do. But, I won’t lie, I am shattered! I had forgotten how tiring decorating was and I think this is more so because I have to keep going up-and-down the stairs and back-and-forth along the landing. According to some research I have done, you burn approx. 160 kcal per hour when decorating – I did 8 hours of painting today (excluding breaks), so I don’t feel too guilty about not training! It also explains why I even thinking about what to write here is hurting my brain!

So I shall end this rather dull blog and zone out to ‘Location Location Location’ – that shouldn’t require any brain power and I might get some decorating design tips to boot!

April 12, 2011 at 9:49 am by Angela

Oh it’s only Tuesday and I am SO tired.  I had a terrible night last night for various reasons so will confess to struggling this morning.  Although, sometimes in these states work can be a good thing if you get engrossed because it distracts you from the tiredness. Having lunch with two of my old team mates / friends today though so this is keeping me cheery!

March 4, 2011 at 11:20 pm by Angela

I have spent my entire Friday evening being truely reckless and doing, er, admin. I have done rowing stuff and finances. I didn’t quite get my web reading done, but I’m on call on Sunday. What is great though is I have got the tedious things done – hurrah! But, it has come at a cost because I am shattered. Bed time!

February 21, 2011 at 7:19 am by Angela

It’s Monday again! But this week I am not feeling as tired as the last, which is good. I had one of those glorious moments this morning where I woke-up as then discovered I still had 45mins left until the 6am alarm. It would have been nicer if it were 90mins, but I’ll take what I can get!

Blackbird was wide awake when we got up this morning and he provided the soundtrack for Sam and I getting ready. It is astounding how much the noise from those little creatures can carry! I think today is likely to be a quiet day because quite a few of my team are on annual leave or w@h. Of course, I shan’t tempt fate by not acknowledging that a support issue could blow a nice quiet day out of the water. If it were going to happen any day, I would give good odds on today!

Only 4 weeks until I officially move teams now – exciting! We have a team away day on Wednesday night / Thursday too so that will be interesting – I’ll finally get to meet everyone. Then on Sunday I am racing followed by switching on my group 2 branches (next weeks Monday post will be at least 30mins earlier!). So a busy 7 days ahead!

Some twonk has opened the window on the train without asking when it’s 4 degrees outside. Not impressed.

February 16, 2011 at 5:02 pm by Angela

I’m quite fed-up of feeling tired. I’m also quite fed-up of feeling stressed. I seem to feel that way far more than I should. Or is that the common thing amongst young people who have a job and a demanding hobby and family and friends? Perhaps it is – many if my commuter friends are often tired or else get home and do nothing. I do wonder what it will be like when I move to my new team. I think the work load will be higher and my training may suffer. Hmmm. Hopefully Lou will still race the power-double even if my fitness is a bit flakey, though Racing Duck might complain!

February 16, 2011 at 7:16 am by Angela

It wasn’t quite pitch black when cycling to the station just now. It was nice; the feeling that spring is almost here makes one feel slightly more optimistic about things. Ultimately though, it doesn’t help shake the feeling of continual tiredness I seen to have. There are times when burying your head under the quilt and refusing to get up is so tempting. If the UK did ‘duvet days’, I would have used all mine for 2011 by now!

On a positive note, it is team breakfast this morning at work. I like my team and I like breakfast so I do enjoy Wednesday mornings!

February 12, 2011 at 11:17 pm by Angela

I am shattered today, no word if a lie. It has literally been non-stop. I arose at 6:40 to venture forth to rowing and then did two back-to-back outings in the 8, hitting a grand total of 22k! After a few chats / bits if admin, I got away shortly after 11:30 to start my part in the ‘Lou’s surprise birthday party’ plan.

I high-tailed it home, showered and changed and then headed to Ware to collect Lou. Once at ours, she was treated to a mezze lunch (including humus and pitta) followed by a cream tea (on a proper two tier cake stand with clotted cream). We also played some fun ‘Sing Star’ dance games and she whooped my arse on the Gladiator Combat feature on our Sports game. Then came the tricky part – getting her back to her house for about 4:30 without her realising everyone was there for a surprise! But we somehow managed it by a fictitious story involving a trip to Stevenage and then Sam needing to nip to the loo. She was genuinely surprised – she screamed! Hehe!

So we have passed an evening of chatting an continual nibbling and some games. Rosie also brough Chinese lanterns. I have never used them before but we lit them and they suddenly floated off over Ware. They were a good mile away by the time they went out!

So, tired now so I’m going to sleep! Nighty-night.

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