What Little H did – 23 months

Happy Christmas and New Year Little H! Your second holiday season has arrived and this year you are a lot more aware of it that last year. Although you are still too small to fully appreciate it all. I can only imagine what you’ll be like next year but I suspect there will be a lot more excitement and anticipation! We’ve had an awesome month though.


I have just got to the station and my train has been cancelled. Apparently it us due to an ‘irrepairable power problem on the unit’. Grumble. There is fortunately a train 4 minutes later (which I am now on) but it’s a slow one that stops at every flipping station. There is a train strike affecting most services to/from Liverpool Street today though, so I suppose it could be worse 😀

Driving & rain don’t mix…

What is with the weather at the moment?  It used to be that there would be a few days of sun, a few of wind, a few of rain.  Now-a-days it seems to vary every flipping hour!  On Saturday whilst rowing it was lovely and clear and warm, except for a bit of wind.  The Sunday was grim and today the rain returned, just as I left to drive St Albans of course! This quickly leads me to my next

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