Why I won’t put pictures of my daughter on social media

As is clear from some of my more recent posts the Watling household has recently been thrown in to disarray by a mini arrival in the form of our daughter H. Sam and I are of course biased, but H is incredibly cute… even when she decides to screams her head off (she sticks her bottom lip out which is both cute and really funny!).

Do people need protecting from social media?

The other night, the BBC aired an ‘interview’ with Mark Zuckerburg about Facebook and how it came to be. Many of us will have seen the cinematic portrayal of the tale, The Social Network, some of which will be based in fact and the rest in, if not fiction, then on a very twisted truth. I certainly don’t want to debate that here in this post, rather it was some of the content of the documentary which got me thinking

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Check out my new ‘Travel’ section!

Since getting back from Italy, I have been working on a new feature for my website – travel reviews. These are intended to be nothing more than my own experiences in each place both as a point of reference for any places you haven’t been, as well as a record for me so I don’t forget what I liked about a place! At the moment I only have a single review on there, for Rome but I will add more

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Has social networking killed self-restraint?

Cast your minds back to the time before social networking, back to the days where you only used your mobiles for calls and texts and the internet was somewhere you built basic HTML websites to provide information or amusing animations.  Yes, it is hard remembering that time, but it did once exist.  It was, in many ways, a glorious time because, unlike today, people did not have a way (or indeed feel the need) to share every detail of their

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London to Brighton and, er, Twitter integration…

Before I even start, I want to make it perfectly clear that the two subject matters of this blog are in absolutely no-way related!  Unless you count me doing to Twitter integration on day-off due to the L2B related, but I would say the two have really coincided by mere chance rather than any clever planning.  But, to the matter(s) in hand…yesterday was the 2011 London to Brighton Bike Ride for the British Heart Foundation.  I cycled as part of

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Blog Post 28-05-2011

There is much talk in the press right now about whether people who breach super injuctions on sites such as Twitter can be prosecuted or not. This worries me. A similar topic of discussion even came up at the e-G8 in France this week. I don’t know the details, but being a keen web user, I do worry when governments start discussing any form of censorship of forums for free speech online. Twitter owners have already said that they would

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Twitter vs Facebook – which is best?

We watched ‘The Social Network’ again on Friday night (see our Shorties on Revado) and, despite reminding me that I disagreed with some of the Oscar nominations, it also got me thinking about Facebook vs. Twitter again.  It is a topic I have pondered over many times and I think over the last 6 months my view has actually changed. Like most people, I joined Facebook first; I was invited or lured in by friends.  I don’t like to miss

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Blog Post 05-03-2011

My iPhone has not been tweeting when I posted a blog. After a week of ‘getting round to checking’, the changes I made last weekend meant that the messages were over 140 characters. Argh, school boy error! Hopefully I have fixed it now, else I have to question my counting skills 🙂

Blog Post 28-02-2011

So, I raced yesterday.  It went quite well, especially considering the massive gap since my last race!  I was zonked when I got home but I then had to log on and work at 6:30pm.  My tests were done by 7:10pm but there were some issues so I ended-up logged on until 9pm waiting around on people mostly before some last minute work at 8:30pm. This morning I had to be in the office for 7:30am because we were going

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