Tales of Little Z – 4, 5 and 6 months

Six months already Little Z! How are we already at six months?! Time has genuinely¬†flown. I’m tired and I’ve still not even started trying to get properly fit again. But I’m so grateful everyday that you are here. Every morning (yep, you’re still sleeping next to me because you insist on waking up lots for your milkies!) I wake up to a big giant grin. And every time I go and get you from your nap, you beam at me.

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When the Control Freak lost control

Before you read the title and think I’ve gone off on some ‘Bad Moms’ type stunt, it’s not that sort of post. As much as it would be amusing to go wild like that* it’s neither in my nature nor something that I’d probably enjoy for long. No, this post is not about throwing my caution to the wind and releasing control. This is about control being yanked brutally away from me by my two young offspring. * The supermarket

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My Top 10 Online Reads #11


Welcome to my monthly feature in which I share some of my favourite online articles for the month. I read a lot of blog posts and articles online and whilst I share a lot of them through tweets, it’s easy to miss them and hard to come back to them at another time. This is a list of my top ten reads for the month, a mixture of formal news articles and blog posts. Enjoy!

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Ditching the dummy


A couple of weeks after H was born and we still struggled to settle her when she was tired. After a nap she was fine. During and after a feed she was fine. But nothing would soothe her to sleep. So since her feeding was fairly established, we tried giving her a dummy. The difference was astonishing and immediate. Having something in her mouth calmed her down and she would stop crying and just gaze at the world until she

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An unexpected toddler-led weaning experience

Avent Bottles

There is one thing which I can be confident about in life – my daughter will always keep surprising me. Every since she was born, H has been a milk fiend, knocking-back between 14 and 20oz a day. The first ‘sign‘ she ever did was for milk and I have got used to being greeted in the morning by an arm being thrust in the air, hand scrunching away at the end of it. So it came as a real

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That was the year that was 2015 – a summary


2015 has been another challenging year, but more for happy reasons that sad, especially when compared against last year. Whilst the losses of 2014 are still very much felt, the arrival of H at the start of the year brought a bit of sunshine back in to life again. It’s pushed me to many extremes but it’s ultimately been a wonderful year so here is the summary!

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Traditional vs. Baby-Led weaning: my thoughts

I read in one of the various emails / bits of paper I get that the most popular weaning approach adopted by parents in the UK these days is a ‘hybrid’ between traditional puree / spoon-fed weaning and the more ‘modern’ baby-led weaning (BLW) which is all finger food based. Before H was even born, I knew I would start weaning using purees and mashed foods. Now she’s been on solid food for a good 3 months, she can eat

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Weaning is tough work but sleeping-through is in sight!

We’ve been weaning for about a month now and it’s going well I think. H is now on three meals a day plus a mid-morning yoghurt and fruit snack. She has dropped down her milk feeds so she is only really having a morning, mid-afternoon and bedtime milk feed. Despite this, the amount she eats is really quite phenomenal given her size. Today she ate: 7am: Milk feed 8am: Ready Brek with apple puree and two buttered toast sticks (no

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Teething, Weaning and Bottle Feeding

It’s Saturday night as I write this and Sam is out in London meeting his friends. So I’m enjoying some time on the sofa after indulging in an oven-cooked frozen pizza after putting the smallest member of our household to bed with, amongst other woes, a summer cold and hoping she stays asleep. Although I suspect she won’t since I’ve already been in to soothe her twice. Anyway, it felt like time for a blog post I’ve been trying to

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Growing-up again

Whilst H changes and grows a bit every day and week, it feels like she occasionally goes through bigger jumps of change*. Now feels like one of those times. For starters, since the weekend H is now in her own room. Sam has been suggesting it for a while but I wasn’t happy to move her. The guidance is to keep them with you for 6 months, but also it was always a big emotional step for me to move

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