What Little H did – 4.7, 4.8 & 4.9 months

As I finally sit down to write this my Little H, it’s less than a month until you hit the big 5.0 – I’m very behind on typing up my updates. And yet, in a way, it’s nice to have left it this long as it has given me a chance to remember how much you’ve changed, grown and taken in your stride over these last 5 months. Your wonderful personality continues to develop and grow. You amaze me all

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What Little H did – 4.4, 4.5 & 4.6 years

It’s taken me almost a month to finally sit down and write this pre-amble to your usual monthly post and you’re steaming into the 8th month of your fifth year now. But most significantly, tomorrow is your last day of nursery (29th August). In fact, by the time I actually post this you will have finished. Reflecting back on the memories for the second quarter, some of them already feel like a life time ago as you’ve continued to grow

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What Little H Did – 4.1, 4.2 & 4.3 years

Ah my biggest little girl, you have hit four and continued to grow and develop at an astounding rate! Your speech is almost flawless and you are so sharp, you don’t miss a trick! And you are so caring and kind with your sister. I take such pleasure in watching the bond you both have grow and strengthen. I know in a year or so that the two of you will be off in your own little games that Mummy

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What Little H did – 3.10, 3.11 & 4.0 years

So as I sit writing this Little H, you are at nursery having been four for a whole week. Four years old. Four year. Four. Seriously, four. How did that happen? I sound like every parent under the sun when I say it feels like yesterday that you arrived but as if you’ve always been here. I remember life before you, but I can’t remember how we filled it. I can’t recall what we did with all that time or

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What Little H did – 3.7, 3.8 & 3.9 years

Another three months have gone Little H! Time really does fly and every now and then I look at you and realise how much you’ve changed and grown. It’s easy to forget how much you are still developing when Little Z is next to you growing so rapidly, as babies do. But you feel so far from the toddler you were last summer – when I look back at pictures from our holiday to the Netherlands, you look so small.

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What Little H did – 3.6 years

Hola Little H! I read something earlier this month about “Threenagers” always getting bad press but how, in reality, it’s actually a really fun and hilarious age. It made me sit back and realise how the anger and tantrums have subsided a bit now and, when they do happen, how I’ve got much better at dealing with them (or ignoring them completely until you regulate your own mood, which you are getting much better at!). The majority of the time

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What Little H did – 3.5 years


Oh H, you are getting smarter, funnier and more argumentative by the day. But there is so much going on I find myself laughing or in awe at what you do only to forget too minutes later. This list would be so much longer if my brain didn’t keep leaking memories! You’re really making us laugh now though. And you can be really helpful too – bringing things, picking things up. Often without being asked as well. But if we

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What Little H did – 3.4 years


At times this month you’ve been an enigma to me my (not so) little one. You’re mine is developing at such a pace now that your astonish me with the things that come out of your mouth. You make some really insightful and mature observations about things. Your mastery of the English language also continues to grow no end. We’ve found this comes at a price though as you are very stubborn at the moment. Every bath time has become

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What Little H did – 3.3 years


Wow Little H, it’s been a hectic month but you have been on top form! You’ve tested us with a few tantrums but for the most part you have been hilarious! In fact, you’ve been so funny that I’ve not managed to capture even half of the hilarious things you’ve done. You had a virus in the middle of the month which was a shame, but you fought it off really quickly. Little Z has been lucky to have lots

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What Little H did – 3.2 years


Dear Little H, This has been a big month for you because it’s seen the arrival of your baby sister, Little Z. I was anxious about how you would react when a new person was suddenly introduced into your life, demanding the attention of Daddy and I. However, as with everything, you’ve been a superstar! You’ve had a few moments of jealousy but for the most part you have been so patient and accommodating. You also love kissing and cuddling

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