Keeping house, two kids and a job…without losing my mind

It’s been six week since I went back to work and four of those have been doing my full three days in the office with the girls to look after at home on the other two. It’s gone far more smoothly than I had anticipated (to date…) but it has been quite a reality check, reminding me that keeping-up a job alongside small children is like tightrope walking whilst juggling plates: one unanticipated gust and I go crashing down, smashing

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My Top 10 Online Reads #11


Welcome to my monthly feature in which I share some of my favourite online articles for the month. I read a lot of blog posts and articles online and whilst I share a lot of them through tweets, it’s easy to miss them and hard to come back to them at another time. This is a list of my top ten reads for the month, a mixture of formal news articles and blog posts. Enjoy!

Reasons I am grateful #1

I have kept a Gratitude Journal since the start of 2016. Over that year it made a MASSIVE difference to my mental attitude; I now more naturally see the positive in things. My blog is a place to share thoughts and opinions. But more than that, it’s a place I record life so I can look back in the future and remember how things were. Whilst I will always have my private journals, I also decided to take a leaf

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The reality of being a working mum – 10 months in

It’s been over 10 months now since I went back to work after my maternity leave ended. 10 months! Longer than I was pregnant with Little H. Only 3 months short of how long I was off work. By the time Christmas Day arrives, it will have been over two years since I bid everyone farewell and hobbled off to prepare myself for becoming a mum. In January my baby will turn 2! I’ll be honest, I’m in a state

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Happy to be back in our routine

I went back to work last week after 10 days off. Once I’d got past the going-back-to-work dread I think most people feel, I realised I was happy to be back. I really enjoyed having some time off but after the Lisbon trip not going as well as planned and our routine being thrown out by travel and toddler illness, I felt much more comfortable being back in to my normal routine.

It’s time to tackle ‘The Guilt Complex’

I am suffering from a quite severe and long-running affliction. “What is it?” I hear you wonder. Well I shall tell you…it’s guilt. Yes, guilt. And it’s just a little feeling of unease or regret that I suffer from; It’s the kind of guilt which eats away at me and makes me question my decisions throughout every day.

Oh, to be able to do everything…

One aspect of my personality I can never avoid is the fact I become quite ‘addicted’ to things. I don’t mean that in a very bad alcohol / drug sense, rather that when I get in to something, I tend to get a bit hooked on it. Most recently, it’s work: I start getting in to things and despite the stress I sometimes feel, there is a part of me which still wants to keep going when I get home

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Everyone has a limit, but what price would you pay to find yours?

Okay, so if my entry title made you jump in excitement thinking there was a new way to monitor physical and mental fitness, I’m afraid I will have to disappoint you, because it is not so (or at least isn’t the focus of this post). My motives for writing this are far simpler and, as often seems to be the case these days, from a conversation with a colleague (a different one from last time though, I might add!). I

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